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Select from: Provolone, American, Pepper Jack, Aged Cheddar or Baby Swiss

Louie's Side Dishes

The secret to our special chips and fries is our house-made seasoning. Enjoying our bold, savory flavors on the side or as your main course.

East Coast Fries


A tasty right-coast favorite, these fries are tossed with our house-made seasoning with cheese sauce on the side.

Louie Chips


Homemade potato chips lightly dusted with our house-made seasoning.

Loaded & Fried Louie's


Fabulous Louie fries dusted with our special seasoning, then drizzled with melted cheese sauce and topped with grilled onions, mushrooms peppers and Black Angus beef strip loin.

Steak Louie Toppings

* Extra toppings, $1.

Green Peppers*



Banana Peppers*


An East Coast favorite, chopped cherry peppers


Black Peppercorn Aioli



Vinegar & Oil

Extra virgin olive oil mixed with 25-year-old, oak barrel, aged balsamic vinegar

What's the Beef


Six-Degrees-of-Bacon Louie


Bacon makes everything better, including this Louie, which comes loaded with your choice of Black Angus strip steak or chicken, sautéed mushrooms, onions, peppers, special seasoning, your choice of melted cheese, toppings AND a generous portion of thick-sliced, hardwood-smoked bacon.

Chicken Louie

Blackened & Bleu Louie


Our newest tasty sensation is the Black and Bleu Louie with our signature seasoning, grilled onions, bell peppers, and Black Angus strip steak, topped with chopped cherry peppers and crumbled Maytag Dairy Farms bleu cheese.

Bourbon-Mushroom Louie



This bad boy is glazed with our own Makers Mark® sauce and topped with sautéed button, crimini and chanterelle mushrooms. The woodsy mushroom and complex bourbon glaze flavors give this Louie nice kick.

Teriyaki Louie


Louie meats Japanese flavors for a fusion of exotic tastes that can only be found here on the streets of the River City. We glaze your choice of Black Angus beef or chicken with our own blend of sweet, tangy teriyaki sauce.

Raspberry-Chipotle Louie


We glaze your choice of Black Angus beef or chicken with our special raspberry and chipotle sauce. The sweet and smoky jalapeno flavors leave you wanting more.

Raspberry Chocolate Brownie


Gooey Butter Cake Bar


Blueberry, Cranberry & White Chocolate Chip Cookie


White Chocolate Chip Cookie




The Louie is about choices. Choose from our regionally-grown, grass-fed Black Angus strip streak, or select our blend of moist and tender cuts of premium chicken breast and thigh. Layer the flavors even more by selecting your choice of cheese and toppings.

The Louie (a cheesesteak)


This classic American sandwich takes on distinctly St. Louis flavors with steamy caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms and green peppers, special seasoning, your choice of gooey melted cheese, and toppings on layers of sliced Black Angus strip streak or chicken. Served on a hoagie.

The Sauced Louie


Like a 21-year-old in Soulard celebrating a birthday, this Louie is memorable, but a little messy. This is our traditional Steak Louie with all of the goodness of the layers of Black Angus strip steak or chicken, special seasoning, sautéed onions, peppers, and mushrooms smothered in our own Monterey Jack cheese sauce and served with your choice of toppings on a hoagie.

The I'm-Not-Getting-Kissed-Today Louie


Get the breath mints ready, because this Louie is packed with flavor! Savory roasted-garlic butter, caramelized onions and freshly roasted, chopped garlic are mixed with our special seasoning and layers of Black Angus strip streak or chicken. Top it with your choice of cheese and toppings. Served on a hoagie.

The Naked Louie


If you prefer the unadulterated, delicious flavor of beef or chicken, you’ll enjoy the Naked Louie. We don’t cover this Louie so you can enjoy the bold, rich flavors of our Black Angus strip steak or chicken on a hoagie. Add your choice of toppings to complete this delicious sensation.

Louie on the Hill


This Hill-inspired Louie boasts layers of thinly-sliced Black Angus strip steak or chicken mixed with freshly chopped roasted garlic smothered with our special marinara sauce and topped with gooey melted provolone cheese. Tastes so good, there’s no need to remind you to Mangia! Mangia!